Friday, June 26, 2009


I am sitting on a brown leather couch
Slouching really
Comfortable with laptop between my legs
I am in the spa on Olympic east of Crenshaw
No one complains that I am typing on my computer
It is most important that I am comfortable
I am

Everything happens south of Wilshire
On and just east of Crenshaw
You can buy two tacos for under a dollar
Can get your car washed for $7.99 on Tuesdays before 9
Get a blow job and caught up in a drive by at the same time
Name it and it can happen over here

This is a space for women
All women
Only women
Beautiful women
We are all beautiful
Naked under thin cotton lime green robes

Woman on the couch next to me is telling her friend
Another friend of theirs left her husband
Her friend responds that she knew it was going to happen
Husband had it coming
In the next breath she warns her friend
To beware of Barbara because she is a bit of a gossip

Forty-five women here
Forty-five reasons
Releasing our frustrations, fears
Relaxing, dreaming
Daring ourselves to be ourselves

Breast of all shapes
Thighs of all sizes
Chocolate of every hue

Woman in the sauna
Has had a long day
She rests her head on cement siding
Each exhale
Every contract
Coffee break
Fired secretary
Inappropriate touch

Washing off the day
I cannot stare
Sometimes I do
See myself in these women
All of them
They stare
They see themselves in me

Most of the women in here are Korean
I dance to the rhythm of the language
People say they sound angry
I understand
We are like that too when we get excited
Sometimes they are louder than one should be in a spa
I think

They are just excited
I say
They are just excited
Just excited
I keep dancing

Women are so beautiful
Old and young
Gucci and Goodwill
Black and white Korean and Samoan
There is a bond I think
Between naked women in short lime green robes

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