Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The African American Position (from Bubba's journal)

The position that the African American finds himself in today is incredibly disastrous. Our problems, enormous qualitatively and quantitatively, are unique compared to the problems faced by other groups of people around the world.

The most glaring feature about us that sets our problems apart form others is our inability to unite. Although it doesn’t seem possible, we become more and more fragmented with the passage of time.

We must come up with something that all of us can identify with and embrace. Something relatively simple, but containing the power to get our serious attention, something do-able, motivating. Not too complex, to avoid excluding the less intelligent of us.

This may sound like an impossible task considering that it would have a uniting effect on us, and that this has been our most vital need throughout our history here in America. It just seems to be too simple to accomplish that much. But it must be kept in mind that this is merely the starting point. Its purpose is to get our collective attention in order for us to be addressed as a people, setting the stage for the implementation of step two, which we should already have prepared.

We really should make the search and discovery of this “something” our top priority. Urgent and critical! It should get the “gang bangers” attention as well as our professionals, middle class and homeless, our wretched and our misfits, our rich and our kids. It has to force each of us to acknowledge kinship with each other. We need to look for and find whatever may be, NOW, at whatever price. Remember the slogan: “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.”

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