Thursday, August 13, 2009

Night. Natue. Thoughts.

It's about 10pm and things are quiet in the neighborhood. They usually are, thankfully. We have all eaten and Therman and Uraeus are watching a movie. I have washed the dishes and walked the dog (Brandy). Being out in the night was exactly what I needed. To remind me. Of me. No TV. No music. Me, Brandy, my thoughts. About nothing really. Nothing is what I needed at the moment.

This has been a wonderful summer for me. I am greatly enjoying Therman being here and of course, Uraeus makes it all better. Then there's Brandy, the new addition to the family. Uraeus and I leaving Wednesday morning heading back to California. He starts school on the 24th. We're going Greyhound. It's going to be our adventure.

I'm going to bed early. I spent some time this evening editing the notes from my conversation with Bettye. I wanted to post that tonight, but that's not going to happen. I did enjoy working on that tonight though. I can't believe how much time I wasted not knowing who she is. I've kind of, admired her from afar.

Anyway, another chapter of my life coming. I feel it. Don't know what it is. But do we ever? Does it matter anyway? All that matters (if it even matters), is that we are braced, rested, thankful, prayed up, ready.

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