Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Me with me part 3

* Morning.

J* It's a beautiful gray day. Hot chocolate day.

* What's up today?

J* I have an assignment in Douglasville, go walking, work on a story that's been forming in my head.

* About what?

---We talk offline.

J* I'm journaling again.

* Again?

J* Kinda, I took a break and was focusing more on poetry and stories.

* What brought you back?

J* I have some stuff inside I don't want to publish but I still need to get the stories out. Truthfully, without changing the names to protect anybody. Plus, it relaxes me.

* Is it working?

J* Yeah. I'm sitting outside the house in Douglasville. Be back tonight. Love you.

* You too.

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