Sunday, October 31, 2010

My perfect place

When I am stressed, which lately has been more often then I'm comfortable with, I go to a place in my head that calms me down. I have many places. My favorite place, my perfect place, I call it, is my son and I going for a long drive. Sometimes I am driving and he is on a computer in the passengers seat and sometimes he is driving. Though he cannot drive yet. But it's my perfect place where whatever I want is possible. Whatever I want.

We are in a Ford Expedition. Blue. I don't have a Ford Expedition but that's where we always are. There is always music. Daylight. Clear sky. Light traffic. He doesn't want to listen to music anymore but the comedy station instead. He finds the station. We laugh all the way down the road. He turns the radio down and says, "Mom, guess what..."

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