Thursday, February 17, 2011

Say what?

We are all ministers of God's love. Each one of us has a testimony to give. Weather we open our mouths to speak it or not we are sharing our story every day. We are speaking with our walk, talk, love, fear, kindness, generosity, selfishness, shame, happiness, joy, misery. We are always talking. Someone is always listening. Always.

That moment on our jobs when least feel like being there, someone is watching. The man living on the street we take time to help, someone is listening. That encouraging word we give, the songs we sing, the toes we step on, someone knows. We will fail sometimes to do what is right. We fail often. The point is not to wallow in the failure. The point is to remember to clean up where we messed and keep moving. Because someone is watching that too. Someone is inspired by the way we messed up and bothered to apologize, cared enough to change, worked to make it better. Someone is always listening. What are you saying?

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