Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thursday at Clara's 7a-7p


C: Did you get the mail?

Me: Yes, there was none (really there was but I was instructed not to give her anything but the junk mail).

C: That's a major crime you know. Someone could lose their house or something because they didn't get the mail for one day. That's the problem you know, these people come from other countries where they don't have good laws. We're not living in Tujuana you know.

Me: No, we're not.

She just won't stop with her racist comments. Yesterday we were watching a show and there was a black man and white woman married. She said "Will you look at that girl, how do you think her mother must feel?"

Me: What about his mother?

C: Well his too. Don't you go thinking I'm a racist or something. I voted for Obama you know. I'm just stating that people need to be with their own kind. That's not being racist it's just the way things are.

Except the people taking care of her everyday are black and Mexican. What if we only took care of our own kind?

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