Sunday, October 2, 2011

A poem to the African statue on top of the bookcase

I understand sista
Was just like you
Placed on pedestal
Unwanted not ready
Frozen locked into
Someone else's
Ideas of who I should be
His dream
Her religiosity

I get it
Bald head
Bare chest
Long skirt
Reaching for your individuality
Trust me dear
It comes
It comes in the reaching

Comes in the living the very every day
Keep living
Head high
Back strong

They don't know you
Like I do
All eyes on you
Judging pointing fingers
How do you serve God
When do you pray
Telling you what words are right to say

Keep standing Queen
I hate that sometimes
Don't you

You didn't ask for the rise
You worked hard and it
Was given to you
I am just freewriting

Don't mind me
I am just happy to
See you

Being still
Getting to know yourself
In the quiet
Next to the light

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