Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Exhale (from journal entry 11-28-11)

There is always much happening
Am I paying attention is a better question
I am a poet and so am given to needing time alone
To be
To breathe
To write
To create
To seperate real life from bullshit

Alone can be anywhere I choose
My favorite alone is outside in a crowd
Like tonight
Where I can see colors
Spinning tires
Where I can make up stories
About the lady with the long pink skirt inside of
Catalanos Pizza

Where I can wonder if Hair Workz & Nails is losing business
Since Star Nails opened up just two stores over

I don't really care about that though
But you know that
I am just sitting here in front of Ralph's
In my car near the pharmacy department
Letting go of my day

A mother is walking into the market with her son
He is five maybe six
He reminds me of Uraeus at that age except slower
Uraeus liked to run and jump

I have other things to think about you know
I'm getting married
Yes, this is my way of telling you

There will be other poems
About love
About him
Though he is much more private than I
And didn't sign up to have his life
Replayed in my blogs my poems my stages

I'm going home now
Just had to run into the 99 cents store to get a new
Because something happens to me with no

There is a woman in a white Ford Explorer three rows away
Doing nothing it seems
But taking a moment to breathe
Like me

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  1. Time alone, yes.

    And look at you...casually dropping that 'one' in...Congrats!