Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Morning Clear

I told Jermaine not to go to that party in The Jungle. The brothas in The Jungle and the brothas in The Village have been feudin’ over two years now. About what? About nothin’. They don’t have nothin’ else to do I guess. It’s all so silly to me. The clothes, the guns, the colors. Jermaine said nothin’ was gon happen but the way I had been scratchin’ on my elbows three days in a row, I knew what I was talkin’ about. Jermaine always told me to stop with all that nonsense. But I know what I know. Had it been just two days itchin’ or went well into four or some other even number, then maybe not, but three? I know what I know.

Here everything is goin’ on so good and Jermaine is goin’ off to play football in college and then some professional team and make us a whole lotta mon ey…then this. He was drivin’ home from the party and Cedric and Bishop and MarcusRufus were all in the car with him. A car pulled up beside them and shot at Jermaine’s car then somebody from Jermaine’s car shot back. They say it was Jermaine but it wasn’t Jermaine at all. Jermaine doesn’t even have a gun and he wouldn’t do anything like that if he did. Ask me, it was MarcusRufus but he’s too scared to say anything and so are the other ones that were in the car. The boy in the other car died right there even before the amalamce got to him.

So now Maine’s in jail. After all the good he’s been don’ all these years. You can’t find one person that will say one bad thing about Jermaine and now they’re talkin’ about not letting him out of that jail. He didn’t do it though. He didn’t. The tops of my toes started itchin’ just three and a half hours after I went down to see him in that place. I looked at him right between his eyes. That’s where you hafta look when you wanna know of the real whole truth is comin’ out or not. I looked at him and that little spot didn’t twitch or nothn’. I didn’t blink. I just looked . It didn’t! Not one single time! Even if I was blind I would have known he wasn’t lyin’ to me because I just know Jermaine. But now this. His trial is due two weeks from now so we just gotta wait. Wait and see how long my toes gon itch.

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