Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm very proud of myself for having a sugar free day today! I posted that on Facebook today and Gimel commented and said that "Will power over tasty treats is a powerful thing and will show up in other areas." That right there really inspired me because although I didn't have any cookies today I was low key giving myself permission to have one (two really) tomorrow. But now it's like on! Now I have something to prove. I'm all mad and gangster about it too, like "to hell with you cookies!" And they're all looking at me like "you know you want me" but I'm like "no I don't and even if I do so what 'cause I'm not gonna have you because I'm better than you and you're gonna need me long before I ever think of needing you!" Ok I might think of it but nope, I'm not having the cookies on top of my fridge even though they're like my favorite. Love will have to eat them without me. So.

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