Monday, April 9, 2012

The reveal

I was talking to a good friend night before last on the phone about something I'm dealing with and he said something that made me go hmmmmmmm. He said every time he talked to me he always felt like he was talking to Jaha the poet, never Robin. And that I always, no matter the story had to have it end with some positive spin or wise words or something like that. 

I thought about that and while that's not my experience of myself every time I speak with someone, it is how I speak quite often. And maybe it comes from feeling like I have to be a bottomless pit of wisdom and good energy and cheerleader for everyone who calls me. People are so used to the positive spin that when I don't have it for them it seems like it's a problem. Well, oh well. I'm not that. As we know. 

Thanks Sekou

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