Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quiet time free write

It's quiet here in the house. I'm still in Lancaster, PA and the trees are staring at me even the butterfly keeps knocking on the window. This entry is about nothing really. Just the sound of my fingers on the keyboard. I had to get a new sd card for my camera today and now it works and I am not happy when my camera is not working. I miss my son. A lot. I'm couting down the days now. I'm glad I have my medication because I think I would be much more anxious if I didn't have it.

This time has helped quiet my mind. I don't even realize all of the running I do back home. I've been taking baths almost every night. Soaking, thinking of new poems. New essays. I don't do that at home. I wash and rush to the next thing to do for the day. Here I soak. It's not a vacation but my mind is slowing down. I needed that. A lot.

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