Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another path to healing

Yesterday I met with a friend who was diagnosed with bipolar 2, as I was. Instead of medication she is managing the disease with natural remedies. I have taken myself off of the medication and met with her to discuss other options.

We sat on the sand at Venice Beach loving the sun on our faces and our feet in the sand and talked. About life and healing. Sugar is the devil. I say that all the time. She agreed. The first thing she knew to do was release the sugar from her diet. Not just adding sugar to food and drinks but not eating or drinking anything with sugar in them. This of course includes alcohol. She also gave up white flour and foods containing it. I'm on board with all of this. Her recommendation for supplements are St. Johns Wort, valerian root (for sleeping), B12. Also daily exercise and acupuncture twice a month. Again, I'm on board with all of this though I may add vitamin d and fish oil. She said she tried the fish oil but had a funny feeling about it. I'll try it and see how it fits.

Yesterday Uraeus, Deja and I went swimming and then to the beach. I'm so glad I went. I am considering swimming every day. Or at least every other. Between that and walking I think I'll be pretty straight. Until I come up with something else.

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes. I usually do.

Enjoy yourselves today. I will.

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