Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 30 - Untitled. On purpose.

You ever have a headache
A migraine
Maybe it lasts two days
Maybe three
What if it would never go away
If it got worse or better
But it was always there
A heavy that was just a part of you
What if no thermometer could measure the ache
What if there were no words in answer to
What's wrong
No why you could articulate
But you still have to show up in the world you know
Like you have bills to pay and people to feed and love
And who has time for your tired you can't explain
What if you were not sad
Just ill 
And so what 
What if nothing existed without an explanation
And so like you didn't exist
What if every picture you took
Poem you wrote
Was the end to a chapter 
And that was ok
And what you had to be thankful for was that 
Everyone you love
Already knows
And that was ok
What if you needed something to 
Take away the heavy
Or not carry it all
Like that

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