Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting back to blogging

I've been working on my project A poem a day for 2013 and have been posting the poems here on this blog and sharing the links also on my Facebook page. I've had some hits and some misses but I have been writing and posting every day. For many of them I'll go back and work more drafts and then some I may use as ideas to do something else with.

The thing about posting a poem a day though is that that's pretty much all I've been posting on this blog. I miss doodling here. Free writing. Letting thoughts and words out just because. As of this post I'm getting back to it. It's been a pretty trying week for me emotionally. Menopause is kicking my ass, my hormones are a joke and it seems like I'm experiencing ups and downs at the same time with this bipolar thing. Yeah thing. Like object. Like something not bigger than me. Although sometimes it feels like it is much bigger. Like it will swallow me in one easy gulp when it wants too.

Yes, the last few days have been rough but this is me, getting back in the game. Emotionally that is. Physically I never left. Because I didn't have the luxury of checking out physically. I went to work every day, went to my niece's basketball game, had conversations with my loved ones, shopped for food. You know, life stuff. All the while though, carrying around the fog. The scary cloud. I pray, exercise, believe. All the stuff. Still, this was a rough week. It just was.

I am looking forward to some good rest tonight. Some good food, writing, peace. I'm feeling much better today and I hope you are having a cool day also. If not, please breathe. I wish you peace this evening. Peace and busy fingers doing what you love.

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