Thursday, April 25, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 115 - Thursday

I am sitting at the top of a hill
I drove here with the intention to do some light walking
Instead I am sitting and writing and reading
I will walk
Now there is a call for prayer
A pull for still and thanksgiving
A long for breathing and listening to breath

An urge to sit and see
The couple walking the dog
She pulls away as he reaches for her shoulder
My mind wonders the wrong
I watch them sit on a bench
With so much space in between
There are no words
Only eyes watching dogs play
Only arms folded
Heads turned away
They came out here
To talk
I'd bet

There is music far away
But close enough
From some car
Some drum
There are birds
And lawn mower

A school bus and no children
An old woman and jump rope
There are construction workers and trees
There are joggers and sky

This is the poem to write today
All this easy
And being
And doing at the same time
This is what I need

This is worship service
These telephone poles
And palm trees

There are cars
And couples
And women pushing strollers
There are bicycles
And flowers
And tall buildings in my mirror

This is the nothing I need
The best busy of my week

All these bodies
All this mountain
This barking
And running
And human

And I am here
In all this God
There is to witness

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