Monday, June 10, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 161 - A Downtown Los Angeles run

Food trucks and tall buildings
Scattered trees and heavy traffic
Monday morning
Brown faces
Fruit stands
Birds fat from fast food
24 hour burger stands
Pedestrians on task
Security guards
Police cars
Sirens blaring
Tamale carts with bells
Ice cream carts
Fruit bars for $1.50
Produce company trucks crowd the road
Pollute the air
Bad parking
Spanish words
So many boxes to load
The orange Tostito van backs out slowly 
The ice cream truck runs the light
It is only 10:30
The Japanese woman in the gray Honda is late for work
Or just in a hurry to leave
Leave this busy
This loading
This lifting
This life so much life going on
I am in the parking lot waiting
Just waiting for George to buy
Green apples
In bulk
I am watching
Just watching
Cars speed by
Trucks unload
People on feet
On bikes
Push carts
I am still
Just still
In all this move

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