Monday, August 19, 2013

Lee Thompson Young is dead at 29

Lee Thompson was a young black man. An actor. A human being. Apparantly he committed suicide. This is tragic. This is sad. This news is not platform, however for people to voice their opinions about the emeny. About the devil. About if we do x then y won't happen. This is not space to say that he, or anyone who makes this choice is selfish or weak. You were not there. He was there. He was there by himself. You were somewhere else. You are not a doctor. You are a whatever you are. If you are a doctor, you are not him. You are you. Illness is real. Pain is a thing. Depression kills. I do not know if he was ill or depressed. I was not there. I was here. I will only send love. I will care. I will wish his family and friends some kind of ease. I will take the opportunity to be a better human, friend, family member, listener, giver. I will take time to remember, when my own clouds form, that morning will come. That sun will show its face. I will sit in my own life. I will not judge his.

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