Saturday, May 3, 2014

An ode a day for May 2014 - day 3 - To my mother

There are all of these ways I cannot say thank you
Knowing how small my words will sound next to your pumping veins
Giving me life
Always giving me life
I am thankful for you
For the way you mothered
Way you cared
Quiet and sure
Easy and forever
Rooted and watered
We are the same fruit
We are cloud together
Present and transparent
We are friend together
We are this has never been easy together
We are nothing worth it ever is
We are worth it together

Did I tell you I am beginning to understand
The hushed arm fold
The polite look away
The just keep living stare

I could not create a better mother
I would not if I could
You gave me everything in your tool box to give
All of your wisdom
All of your laughter and play
Your work and memory
All of your stories and what you have forgotten
Is all right there at the point of your chin

All of your permission
To write and fly and land on the sun
You wanted me to fly
Though it was hard to let go
You wanted me in air
In space

I have my wings now
My own wings
To fly
Because you believed

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