Saturday, May 31, 2014


I tell myself that it is okay to be thankful for the same things and people every day
And I know that it is true
I remind myself that it is true
I tell myself that God appreciates that I remember
Then I know that this is not about God
This is not about Jesus either
Not completely
This is about me reminding myself that I am alive again
That I have something to be thankful for
That there is a power higher than I who connects me to every other thing that ever existed
Perhaps that connection is also God
Because God is not a man with a white beard sitting in a chair in the sky
We all know that by now
Don't we
Don't we know that by now

I am thankful for mirrors
Isn't that odd
To be thankful for mirrors
But I am
Because there was a time I was not
I am thankful for my face and smile and everything the glass
Gives me in return
It is mine
For now it is mine

I am thankful for waking up today
In a bed
Surrounded by books and plants and art
Are you greeted by art when you wake
O it is the best

I am thankful for my son
For his voice and skin and laughter
For his fingers and toes and safety
For the wand of God that sprinkles his path
I am thankful for him

For my friends and my family
All of them
Every one

I am thankful for love that blooms in my brain my veins my chest and stomach
I am thankful for quiet and trees and sky
I am thankful for the moment
This moment
And this

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