Sunday, June 1, 2014

12:54am. Reuben went to the prom last night. Yes, I'm getting old. No, this isn't about me. He and Migina looked so lovely. I was such a proud aunt.

After prom party I went to see Donny feature at Shades of Africa in Long Beach. I could hear all of his work all of the time and hear something new. Tonight he did a piece I heard before about his mother that made me sad in a way it really hadn't before. Just something new I heard in it I suppose. Sad, but lovely. It was great to hear him do a set instead of just one poem. The rest of the night was cool.

I'm still on my form poetry every day this year. I'm doing a different form each month. I told Donny that tomorrow I'm going to start ballads and he said "So, you're just gonna be Lionel Ritchie all month?" That was hilarious.

On another note, I've been getting these crazy and super painful leg cramps lately and I feel one coming on now. Gonna walk it out before it gets here. I'm such an over sharer. You know me by now though, I have to write when I wake up, some time during the day and before I go to bed to sleep well. Art is healing, or haven't you heard?

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