Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gone fishing

In honor of taking care of myself, particularly my mental health I'm letting go of some things. Letting go of some ways. I am loving myself enough to love myself. I am finding my way to the beach more often. I am drinking more water. Smiling more often. Eating more fruits. Voicing less negativity. Being more quiet. Saying less on Facebook. Seriously if weren't for Red Stories I would shut down my account for a while. For...reasons...I have to be super careful now about my mental health. I have given up Criminal Minds and Law and Order. Did I tell you? At least I'm on a break. I am also on break from Facebook (except to advertise for Red Stories). I don't want to read more threads about arguments between human beings not recognizing other human beings as human beings. I need a break. And, by the way, I'm well. I am using exercise and yoga and flowers and smiles and poetry and good good words and art and some friends and some family some some some as medication. I am breathing and writing words. And some days I will skip my blog entries, go figure. And some days I will over share and some days I will say a whole lot and not say anything at all. But it will all be mine. It will all be me.

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