Friday, August 8, 2014

Pictures to paint, art to send off, people to smile at, a son to laugh with, school shoes to purchase, an oil change to get, shows to promote, tickets to New York to book, a hotel to book, a day to be thankful for, email to answer, a room to clean, laundry to do, people to love, intuition to pay attention to regarding..., a poem to write, blogs to manage, a God to pray to, a porch to sit on, tea to drink, lunch to eat, gas to put in the vehicle, teeth to brush, a shower to take, thoughts to post, a chapter to read, time to breathe, a walk to take, thoughts to think, a body to stretch, spare change to give, shoes to donate, shows to promote, shows to promote, art to sale, art to sale, art to sale, self to love, rent to pay, friends to love, family to be thankful for, stories to write, a body to love, a smile to love, a face to look into, a mirror to stare at, ants to kill (sorry), pictures to take, a head to clear, a mind to mind. Repeat.

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