Friday, July 17, 2015

Blogging is like therapy in that I release words and thoughts that will bottle and explode if I don't let them out. This is where I let them out. Some of them. Sometimes I am more transparent than others but the point is that words are coming out at all. That worries are being released. That poems are pouring. That I am praying. At all. And I am. These are the words for today. Just words and thoughts that need to come out before I explode, implode, cry myself to sickness. There is joy in my life to be remembered and given thanks for. I remember those blessings when I write and pray. Blessings of my health, my son and his health, waking up this day, food and shelter. There are more blessings. More things to be thankful for. See, I have to write or I will focus on what I think I don't have. I have it, it's in the atmosphere somewhere finding its way to me. Still I worry sometimes. I let it get in the way of work, of art, of my life. My wonderful life that is designed to be lived and not taken up by stress and worry. So in this moment I give praise instead. Maybe you don't understand any of this. Maybe you aren't supposed to. Perhaps you get every word.

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