Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sweet home (Ms. Arlene) - from Women in The Village

God holds the heats of women
In a special place
I feel
The benevolent eye that watches the sparrow
Watches us
I know
Still the conversations of victim, defeat and not enough show up
Harmoniously, in whispers, often

We understand
As if understanding were cure
Through long work shifts, sore feet and bills due
Through birthdays and school plays
We are hopeful inside closets where we cry
On lawn chairs where we laugh
About the nothing
About everything

We know we are enough
But always it seems we are in school
Everyday the lessons to be learned
Still we are big girls longing jump rope and recess
Tether ball and gossip

We are strong
We are mothers and grandmothers
We are words and rainbows
Rivers and results

I stand in front of my mirror
Full breast
Hips that carried my son
A belly that rested his head
Still the not enough shows up

Sometimes I listen
Sometimes I don't

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