Thursday, November 19, 2009

Miss Lady

A wrinkle shows up
On faces of single women
Not a frown
Don't you dare confuse it with a frown
'Cause it aint one at all

Kinda facefold if you will

Where we keep baby wipes, toy cars, and old mint candy

Not quite deep as the titty pocket
Cover lies we bought, lies we sold

Aint near sturdy as the coochie basket
Carry Crisco oil for chicken and ashey knees
Got Mama's secrets and baby's first teeth

Just a thin lil wrinkle I tell you
'Bove the eyelids
Sometimes go down between the cheeks
Circle the mouth like a trucker's hand
Barely grip the wheel early Sunday morn

Like it almost say

See, don't be 'fraid a me
I still a sweet smile

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