Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Uraeus #17 Stream of Consciousness

because you are always all ways on my mind/ loving you/ keep tapping into your destiny/ keep minding your mind/ keep finding your center/ remember to breathe/ breathe/ connect and keep reconnecting yourself to yourself/ your power/ love/ remember to love/ remember to love when you forget/ when you forget to love/ because you are always on my mind/ reconnect yourself to your peace/ they/ they/ the nameless faceless theys will try to knock you off your peace because they cannot find their own/ your peace/ your peace/ your peace piece of this pie/ piece of this world/ this love/ dont mind me/ i am just working/ loving/ thinking/ all the time thinking about you/ freeing my mind/ this is how i center myself/ through prayer/ through love/ through writing/ poems/ letters/ to you/ you/ always you/ this stream of consciousness writing/ about you/ about you/ just letting my thoughts pour/ about you/ your smile/ your voice/ my son/ my sun/ my love/ light/ warrior/ champion/ freedom/ brightness/ about you/ letting my thoughts pour/ they/ they/ the nameless faceless theys will whisper what they whisper because they are afraid/ afraid/ to speak out loud/ out loud/ and you know i love you and that is whats important/ what you know/ what you know/ what you and i hold together in our hearts/ together/ one/ heart/ beating/ knowing/ loving/ mother/ son/ family/ freedom/

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