Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Uraeus #18

I am thankful
for you
for your strength
for your wisdom and humor beyond your years
because you are a warrior
for your freedom
for your depth
for your love
because God lives in you

I speak with the ancestors about you
The spirits are in love with you too
Grandmother Omega laughs with you in your sleep
Grandfather Therman plays chess with you
Grandmother Georgia Bell sings to you
Grandpa Richard walks to school with you
Uncle Bubba guides you at the crossroads
Aunt Mary dances with you

The angels are always camped around you
God is always with you

Today I wish you love and laughter
Silliness with security
I wish you the wisdom to know time and place for fun and work
Feel the fingers of all of us who love you massaging your shoulders
Know that you are loved
Know that you are love


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