Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bus stories

210 bus on Monday night. 7:30. South on Crenshaw. Crowded bus. Starting point Crenshaw and Pico. Black man in his late 40s in wheelchair enters bus and tries to make his way to wheelchair post. There is a 70 yr old frail woman standing in front of him.

man: Move, lady! You see I'm tryina get to the post over here. You see I'm in a wheelchair! Get out my way!

woman: Sorry. Sorry. I trying. No room.

man: You standing there like I got all damn day!

black woman in her early 40s: What the fuck you expect her to do? You see she tryina move.

man: This aint even yo bizniz so won't you juss stay out the kool aid?!

black woman: you just stressin' this old lady 'cause you know she aint gon say nothin' back to you. Won't you scream on somebody thata fight back?!

man: Won't you juss stay out of it. I aint even talkin' to you. I'm talkin' to these damn Mexicans on the bus all in my way.

black woman: What all the Mexicans got to do with anything? Why you still talkin'? The lady out yo way now. You juss mad 'cause you in a wheelchair.
You need ta juss accept yo condition!

man: Hell yeah I'm mad.

black woman: Well you don't need to be tryina run over this old lady. You don't know if she got diabetes or if her bones are brittle or what. Juss go somewhere witcho fuckin' chair.

man: You better shut the fuck up before I ram you and her.

black woman: You aint gon do shit. (turns to lady) Don't worry, Ma'am. He aint gon do shit. He juss mad 'cause he in a wheelchair. (turns to man) Accept yo condition and shut up! (back to woman) That's what's wrong wit em. He mad 'cause he in a wheelchair and he younger than you and you all old and shit walkin' around. Don't pay him no attention and don't be scared of him. I got yo back. Don't nobody give a fuck that he in a fuckin' wheelchair. I'll fuck him up. Ma'am, don't trip. You ok. I got you.

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  1. I've seen similar situations on the bus. Been riding for nine years now. Less stressful. I used to be the family taxi service for the elder folks in the fam. Now my brother sings the blues now. There is so much to experience while riding. I totally enjoy everything except, when the operator stops for other people, or when the lift or access ramp is not functioning. Hahaaaa...