Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morning prayer

Thank You, Wonderful Presence for showing up on this planet today as me to further Your will.

Thank You for being the energy of love that connects us all. The spirit that makes us all one.

I ask Your great blessing on the children going to school and studying under the pressure of violence, anger, drugs, sex, abuse. You know every situation, every cause, every solution, every reason, every cure.

Great Provider, let us unfold unto the love, peace, understanding and wisdom You have already provided.

Thank You, Awesome Oneness for all of who You are and all that You have called us to be. Let us take on today, being bigger than we know ourselves to be. Giving more, loving more freely. Judging less. Pointing fewing fingers and helping more.

Thank You, for all of our yesterdays that provided lessons. For this moment. For each moment, Thank You.

Thank You.

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