Thursday, February 24, 2011

The journey continues

9:07 am
I don't know where we are but we are leaving there now. The ride is still going well. With the exception of the one lady popping her gum throughout the night the folks have been cool. Even the arguing couple behind me seem to be getting along.

It's really beautiful here. The mountains, blue sky, clouds. I haven't taken one picture yet. Well this is the first part of the daylight trip so I have plenty of time.

When I get to Atlanta I've gotta find a place to go swimming or a hot tub or sauna or something. I've been spoiled by the spas in L.A. I go as often as I can and sit in the hot tub because it's the only treatment that immediately helps my back.

Gotta pull my camera out now because I keep seeing things pass me that I want a picture of.

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