Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On my way to Atlanta

I had a very busy day today. We didn't get out of the studio until almost midnight last night so there went my plan to leave for Atlanta yesterday. We did have a productive day though. I'm on the Greyhound now and I'm so glad for the wi-fi new busses! The trip is forty-eight hours so I'll be taking some cool pictures and posting stories. For now though, I'm going to take a nap.

Oh, if you're in Atlanta then come out to Apache on Sunday night where I'll be performing.

7:26 pm
We left Los Angeles at 6:30 and now we are stopping for a 20 minute break in San Bernadino. The couple behind me keep arguing. I hope they work it out soon. I want to turn around and say "look, she said leave her alone already!" But I don't see that going well.

I'm gonna jump off and charge my phone and iPad.

Let's see, how am I going to explain to the new people getting on the bus that I don't want any of them to sit next to me? Hmmmmmmmm...

12:13 am
"Your love, your love, supernatural thing" that was the song playing when we stopped in the gas station a little while ago. It's not important but it made me feel good standing in line with my Aquifina water and gummy bears. We just left Blythe. Our next stop will be Phoenix.

I have driven these roads these roads a few times and sometimes by myself. There are moments, most of the moments in fact, when I like this better. The trip is going great. Well, my neck and back are stiff, but then my neck and back are usually stiff. Seriously if there is a massage therapist in Atlanta willing to trade a massage for a photo shoot then it's on.

If I'm not sleep and if there's enough juice on this thing then I'll talk to y'all in Phoenix.

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