Monday, February 21, 2011

Travel notes 2-18 through 2-21

My mother gave me her iPad. I love it. The toys I love the most are my camera, computer and now the iPad. I'm always writing, thinking, reciting poetry and other stories in my head and on paper as I travel throughout city. Here are some of my musings.

Friday, Feb 18, 2011

1:27 pm
Deana has my computer so I'm on bus to train to HairPlaay to edit the Grooveology photos and Kim's photos from yesterday. Trying to get everything on my to do list complete. May not complete all but will try to get as much done as I can. Train is here.

2:20 pm
Sitting on bus stop on Figueroa and Washington. It is cold.

On bus now going to get my product bag from L.A. and to put on a t shirt to go under this sweatshirt. I need to pay my phone bill too. I'm hungry. What am I going to eat?

Looking forward to leaving for Atlanta.

3:01 pm
On the bus stop on Gramercy and Washington going to Deana's shop. I bought a bag of trail mix and paid my phone bill. This iPad is good company.

It's raining now. Come on bus. I'm so glad I purchased an all day pass.

3:58 pm
Made it to Deana's shop. About to edit photos. Loving me.

5:59 pm
Got computer from Deana. Gonna take it home to edit photos. Got a haircut. It's raining hard. On the bus headed to Long Beach.

7:01 pm
On the blue line to Long Beach. I am enjoying being out in the rain. Something about being on the bus, train and walking that keeps me grounded. There are such great stories to be heard on public transportation. Yes, I do want a car and that will happen when it's time, but for now I will make the most of this.

I had an idea of how I want to use THE NIKEL. I feel like too much time has passed for me to put it out in it's original novella form but I can publish the stories of the characters. I can show the dynamics of the relationships between the characters.

7:40 pm
Got off the blue line and am on the Long Beach bus. Deja has a game in the morning so I'm gonna stay at my mom's house to see her play. This is the last bus for tonight. I'm going to take a long bath and then get started on the photos. I do love this weather.

I miss Uraeus.

I hope that the FCC deposits my money soon. I did the work, faxed the form, mailed the invoice, and now I'm waiting for the money. I am planning to use that money to pay some bills.

I'm still sitting on the bus at the blue line station because the driver is on break. That's cool. My other option is to walk at night in the rain and cold.

What poems am I going to do tomorrow?

Seriously, I'm still here. Not that she doesn't deserve a break but I'm ready. Yay we're leaving! Mom's house soon!

8:53 pm
I'm here. I poured a glass (plastic cup really) of red wine, got some cheese and crackers and took a long bath. I feel great. I got an idea of the new poem I want to do for tomorrow at the Pan African Film Festival. More on that later. Now to edit photos while I watch my new favorite romance "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

11:57 am
On the blue line going to shoot the second video for Piper. Terrance is shooting it for me at his place in Inglewood, thank God.

I'm glad I got the video finished for Grooveology. Now I need to make the CDs for Patrice, Kim and Lolita and I will be caught up on my photo projects.

I thank God that I got the money to pay Terrance and get a day pass and one for tomorrow.

12:23 pm
The train I was on was having technical problems so we all had to get off at the Watts station. Now we're waiting. It's cold. It's Watts. I'm hungry.

What is my set list for tonight?

12:32 pm
I think I hear the train. I don't see it though.

3:43 pm
On the bus stop at Venice and La Brea. On my way to the Culver Studios for the PAFF. I think the shoot with Terrance went well today. We shot two videos and will send both to Piper. It's all in God's hands.

I'm cold. I'm hungry. Thank God there will be food in the green room.

Patrice really liked the video I did for Grooveology. Except I didn't include DJ Y-Not. I told her I would make another one. How did I forget the shots of Y-Not?

Ok. Come on bus because I'm really cold. I'm treating myself to the midnight spa. I'm about to go cross country on the Greyhound so I'm gonna give my back this favor. Besides, it's only $20 and it's become my new favorite place.

12:08 am
Sitting in lounge chair at Grand Spa, my new favorite place. Tonight at PAFF was so magical! It kinda felt like ten years ago doing poetry with my favorite poets and some new ones.

I need to put this iPad up and get some rest.

Thank You God for this day.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

11:48 am
I'm sitting in the El Pollo Loco in Leimert Park. I just shot T her wife and children. I'm waiting for Cayenne to shoot her jewelry. Really I feel like going to Long Beach and finish all the projects that I am behind on. Yep, staying in Long Beach again tonight to get up early and shoot Reuben's basketball game. Those children play every night and every weekend it seems. I'm being fun auntie this week.

There aren't any outlets in here that I can use.

I want a car. If I had one right now I would take a nap in it.

I'm sleepy.

4:49 pm
At green line station at Inglewood. Had a great shoot with Cayenne and Nikki. I have a lot of work to do when I get home to my mom's house.

I'm hungry.

Monday, February 21, 2011

2:58 pm
I went to Reuben's game today. It was a good game but they lost. I'm in Roshann's car in the Target parking lot. My photoshoot was cancelled this morning because the guy got called in to work. That's cool because I wouldn't have been able to go to the game had I had the shoot at noon.

I need a nap. Gonna rest a bit when I get to the house then finish editing the projects I'm working on.

I'm performing at a school tomorrow then shooting the video in Santa Monica. Some time between the school and the shoot I gotta get home to L.A. to pack for Atlanta. I'm going to the bus station right after the shoot and take the next bus smokin' to Atlanta. Looking forward to being back in Atlanta and being on stage in Atlanta. Also looking forward to the art show Sunday. God is good. REAL GOOD.

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