Monday, May 16, 2011

Agape meditative thought

"Gratitude is the opposite of complaining. Honestly check in with yourself: Is the backdrop of our thinking gratitude - giving thanks for what is - or are you incessantly complaining about what you imagine you don't have and think you should have, or do have and don't want? In your answer lies whether or not you identify more with your true identity as the Self, content inits own being, or if you are stuck in the ego's whining, self-absorbed attachments.

Gratitude rests upon the solid rock of trust, the circle of trust built in relationship with Spirit. We no longer resist what is, or what is not. Ours becomes a life of surrender, loving the Giver more than its gifts. Then we are in the flow of the wa things really are, and God's Life is consciusly our own. Live that!"

Michael Bernard Beckwith

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