Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The blessings 1

I was on the plane coming from New York going home to Georgia (when I was living in Georgia.) I didn't have any cash on me and no one was coming to pick me up from the airport. I said a quiet prayer and made a request to God that I get a ride from the shuttle service from the airport to my exit in McDonough for only $20. I knew full well that the fee is usually $80. I said the prayer and rested the in knowing that God is always working everything out for my highest good.

When I got off of the plane I walked over to the shuttle station and the vans and drivers were all lined up. I walked to the first driver and asked how much he would charge me to take me to McDonough. "$80." He told me. I thanked him and went to the next one and asked him. He said the same thing so I went to the next one and asked him. He said, "Well, I don't even go to McDonough." I asked, "Yeah, but how much would you charge me to take me there?" He said, "Weeeelll, I do go past there. I'll let you off at the exit for $20." I thanked him and got on the shuttle.

God is always looking out. Always. I know it.

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