Monday, May 16, 2011

The blessings 4

I haven't been able to log onto this blog in a few days. Due to a few reasons: I've been busy and by the time I get to sleep that's what I want to do. For a few hours one day there was work being done on the server. I took that to be Spirit telling me to stay in the moment living my life and being observant to the doors that keep opening all around me.

In the past few days I got a new job and a new performance gig. Both of which I am uber excited about and neither of which I will give details on right now. But know that God is AWESOME and does not show up right on time but is ALWAYS THERE and I see Him when I open my eyes.

I have put it to the test and I promise it works. What my mind is focused on is what has been growing in my life. I look for the blessings and miracles each day and each day they show up. Each day I recognize that the blessings were only waiting for me to acknowledge and accept them.

I know that my life is not about what I do, but how I make room for Spirit to be.

On my path to developing my mind I am intentional about keeping my thoughts pure and not talking or thinking negatively about others. It is a challenge I fail many times in the day. Failing has helped me see how cluttered in the past with judgements and negativity. Judgement is judgement. Yes, even the really nice kind when you say "I'm not trying to judge or anything, I'm just sayin'..." Yes, lose that negativity too.

I am loving me today. Are you loving you?

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