Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What is Red Stories?

"What is Red Stories?" Well, Red Stories is a monthly event I created and host that happens the last Saturday of each month that features one or two special guests. The guests are usually poets or musicians (but will expand soon). You know how usually when you go to a poetry event there are about maybe ten or so poets and you get to hear the poets do maybe ten minutes each? They share about two or three poems. Well, I am a poet and I enjoy those nights. I enjoy hearing the talent of each poet. Sometimes, especially with poets that simply blow me away I want to know more about them. Their story. I want to hear more.

Enter Red Stories. I created this event because I wanted to give my favorite artists a chance to really stretch out and share their talents as well as their story. This opportunity is not just for the artist but also for the audience. Yes you, the audience. At Red Stories you get a chance to know the artists in a way you won't get to on any other stage. Sort of a "Behind the Music" each month from the artists mouth. You may ask questions, have conversations and engage in ways you won't be able to at many venues.

I wanted to create a show that I, as an artist would want to be a part of. I would love for a promoter to call me up and say, "Hey Jaha, would you come down to my event and share your story? Tell a few poems sure, but really tell YOUR story in your voice. Speak to my audience. And get paid for it."

Where is Red Stories? It started at the theatre at Lucy Florence in Leimert Park in November of last year and then moved over to Blessed Vibrations at 2435 Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, CA where we are now. The doors open at 7pm and it's magic time from then on. Guests in the past have been Makeda Kumasi, Nikki Blak, Kevin Sandbloom, Deana Verse, Reverdia Trammell, Red Storm, Food 4 Thought, Socks, Lynette White and Janet Gonzalez. This month, June 25 I am honored to say we have Venela Flagg (V Kali). The cover is only $10 and you get a serious treat. Really, come out and enjoy. I hope to see you there.

Jaha Zainabu

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