Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Good morning dear friends and family. It's 9:18 here in sunny California. It's sunny and chilly like I like it. I am just saying hello in this post. No particularly deep thoughts, just hello. I hope you have checked out my Dear Antioch posts. I decided to post each draft. Seeing the progression has be interesting. It wasn't intended to be so long but I like the direction it's going. It's shaping itself into the story of my life. Indirectly. Please let me know your thoughts.

I'm taking it easy today. I think I told you already that I had the byopsy done on the fibroids. Painful experience but it's done now. Painful only because the fibroids at the time were so inflamed and all of the poky objects they used to hold and scrape felt like swords and broken bottles. Anyway, I go back January 10 for the results. I don't know. I'm just...breathing. Loving the moments of my life.

Happy holidays to all of you. Love yourselves and remember that you and your love are the best gifts you can give to the people you love.


  1. Keep drafting....I like it (of course)

  2. thank you so much. you were the one i really wanted to be reading. love you.