Thursday, April 12, 2012

Writing workshop

Wednesday night at the writer's workshop we had an assignment to write for five minutes. As a prompt, we quickly looked at the cover of a magazine that showed Magic Johnson on the cover with his arms spread wide and the caption said something about him being one of the owners of the Dodgers for two billion dollars. Here's my piece.

Magic Johnson
2 billion dollars
Los Angeles
Life goes on big

Arms spread wide
Wide as smile
Wide as 2 billion dollars
Wide as magic

New image
New magic
Same hot dogs

I never liked baseball
Or baseball players

Black man
Black like me
Black like my son
Give young boys
New hope
High hopes

I can do this too
Punchinella 47
I can do this too
Punchinella 48

Old school
This free write
This would be poem
How much time is left
To write freely
About Magic
And Dodgers and
2 billion dollars
And I could use
A thousand for
Medication and
Food and rent and
Shoes for my son
And this isn't supposed
To be about me
But dammit this
Is my free write
Magic has 2 billion
And the Dodgers

Let me have this
Whatever this is

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