Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello there

Hello all. Just checking in to say hi. It's been emotionally challenging the past few days but I made it through as always. Even during the emotionally challenging times I was still functioning. Nothing too bad that had me in bed for days or anything like that. Just kinda low is all. I had some good rest and I feel much better today. More like the me I love the most. The wind is shifting. I love it. Gotta get back to exercising and I had more sugar cheats than I should ever allow myself. Sugar really is the devil. Seriously. What it does to me emotionally is crazy. In the moment though, when the juice or chocolate is in front of me and I'm feeling well, then I don't remember. Then I get low low again and remember all of the ways I cheated.

I'm looking forward to Red Stories this Sunday. Yay!

I'm at work right now and need to get back to it. Enjoy your day today. I will.

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