Thursday, August 16, 2012

Morning all. Good energy. Pumpin' these books out.

I had a good week this week. My uncles Therman and John were visiting California and my aunt Janice came down to Long Beach to spend time. I loved hanging out with all of them. I know my mother was happy also to have her siblings in the house. Oh, also, my aunt Bobbie was here. It was good for me too. With the exception of a couple of days I have been here almost all week. Something about out of town guests I guess. On Tuesday night the gang all went with me to Da Poetry Lounge and they had a great time. I loved it. Thank God for family!

Speaking of family I am thankful for, I went to the World Stage last night to the memorial for D Black, whose given name is Dwight Johnson. There was so much love. The place overflowed with beautiful faces and great energy. I so love the love in our community.

Well the guests have just left and it's time for me to get dressed for work. Things are going well. I am ready to send another book to the publishers. I sent off Women in the village go 'round and 'round, which is a collection of short stories. Now I'm ready to send Woman's work, a collection of poetry. Today Bus stories, a collection of stories from 2009 of yes, bus stories. I plan to change the title but right now that's what it's called. The next book will be the home health care stories. Oh yes I did.

Anyway, it's off to work I go. I love you all. I do.

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