Friday, April 19, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 109 - Love letter 3

What do you think
When I say kiss
Do you remember
Arms forgetting home training
And everywhere fingers
All underneath and above

If I whisper
And you do not hear
What will you do
Pretend I am jasmine strawberry secret
Mouthing fruit for you

Do you think my words are all ways sweet

I can be bitter you know
I can be ocean
I can be all this easy on top
All this fight below
I can be shark
Hold you in my teeth
Till I feel like letting go

I can be tea you know
All peppermint and good for you
Want me to lemon on your cuts
I can ginger on your face
Do you like ginger

Do you like prayer
Do you like music
Do you the sound God makes when God sings to put God's self to sleep
God bless

I'm trying to figure you out
Because I don't know
I only know what I like
Like blues
Like white sheets
Like blue jeans
Like Muddy on white sheets taking off blue jeans

Don't mind me
Don't mind my magic words
Putting a spell all on you
Don't mind this pendulum
Swinging all in your face

Don't mind this love so good
This sleep so sleep
This skin so skin
Never mind all this red
This pink

Don't you love all this good so good

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