Saturday, April 27, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 117 - Dear Zolah

Remember this day
And days that feel the same
When we call your name
Holy and loud
Cheer and often

See our eyes
Wide and flash
Watch you peel back paper
Untie bows
Hold up Hello Kitty watch
And money
And science kit
And color

Your happiness is our gift

Remember that you were happy
That you danced
Played cowgirl and princess and dancer
And cowgirl princess dancer

Remember decorations
Play ponies and lassos
Children digging in Mamamade sandbox for gold
Remember that you found gold
Gold, Zolah

Your smile was our gold
Your belly stuffed with cake
And chicken links
Chilli and ice cream
Your feet racing to line dance
And blow candles
And hug aunties
And be kisses by all of us
Who love you

Remember that you were loved
That we have all been waiting this day
This year
This five
This new beginning

Remember that there will be many more beginnings
That you are never alone
That we are your net
To catch you
To wrap you
To push and squeeze and pull
To love you with everything we have

You will lose game pieces
You will forget cupcake flavors
You will outgrow your skirt and boots
Remember love though, dear
Rest tonight
And remember all this

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