Thursday, April 18, 2013

I am reading the thesis of Adenike Harris right now. She is the daughter of one of my favorite poets. A man whose presence makes me smile. Whose humor keeps my stomach cracking. And she is his daughter for sure. That same smile, perfect-reassuring-easy smile. Why am I reading her thesis? Because the words of this Womanist woman have my heart. Because I am a sucker for literature written by women, especially black women, especially women who identify as Womanist, especially women who write words to other women about using their voices. Reclaiming their voices. Reclaiming voice after sexual abuse. Put your finger there. Now hear me say reclaiming voice after sexual abuse from her step father from ages 14 to 22. Yeah.

I am not finished reading it but you will hear more from me about it when I am. You can also read it yourselves. I don't have the link in front of me but if you Google her the thesis comes up as the third entry. Triggers triggers everywhere but she does write from a place of power. That's what I love. She writes with her voice. I love how she is in control. She has the conversation with her father, her non-abusive father. Yes, we have them. She is clear about her desire to have this handled nonviolently. What, after all is the use of gaining her voice and then losing her father to jail because he "wished a motherfucka Would!?" (And then the motherfucka did) O how I honor the bravery of Adenike and her parents. And all who supported her through this journey.

So often men just don't listen or respect the voices of the women in their lives. Thank you, Peter. Thank you for employing everything it took to Be. There. For. Her. To hear her words. To let them crush you. To let the love you share blow you up again.

Please read. Please please do.

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  1. Thank you sooooo much for your support love and encouragement. As I have gotten to know you i am honored., you are amazing. Thank you again for posting this and understanding and verbalizing the power of VOICE! love.