Monday, March 31, 2014

Good night (morning)

I am incredibly tired from a show last night and then a long drive after show and just getting in now at 3:33. I'm such a three person so maybe that means something.

I had a pleasant weekend with my son, who is such a dream. He really is. I love his mind. I love that he loves to read. I love what he reads. This weekend he turned me on to Sam Smith, a singer. Yes, awesome. White male, clear powerful crystal voice. Indeed yes.

I was featured Saturday night at The Griot Cafe in Long Beach with Hiram Simms and last night at Maverick's Flat with V Kali and S. Pearl Sharp. And we honored Riua Akinshegun. She was weepy all night. Good happy tears.

I was glad that Laura, Bruce and Opal came.

I'm exhausted and I have a long day today. I'm turning in now.

I'm thankful for my life. For love. For my friends and family. For peace and grace.

Until later.

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