Sunday, March 9, 2014

July 2006 - Zuri

"Jaha, Zuri is dead"
Those were the words that came out of V Kali's mouth
"She is dead"

Zuri is V's daughter
Mother of three babies

She went into a liquor store
In Los Angeles
Los Angeles
And left her son Omar in the car
While she ran in real quick

We are supposed to be right back like we promise
She told him she would be right back
We are supposed to be promise keepers
Magic makers
Why is a store run magic

She heard shots and ran out of the store
My baby! My baby!
Her baby! Her baby!
Our baby! Our baby!

Zuri Williams
Beautiful Zuri
Zuri means beautiful
Do you know that
Shouldn't beauty last forever

Shot in her stomach
In a drive by
Los Angeles
Los Angeles

What does this mean
For Omar
For V
For the world

Years ago I asked V
Why artists go through the struggles we go through

"Because we will tell it"
She said

But not this one
No, not this one

To tell

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