Saturday, March 1, 2014

So. Tired. Of. This.

Rebecca, an African-American woman, thirty-four, dark caramel complexion with shoulder length locks, beautiful.

Brian, an African-American man, thirty-one, night black, bald, handsome.

Brian: The girl behind the counter at the spot last night, was that Eric's girlfriend?

Rebecca: Which one?

Brian: The real beautiful one. The exotic looking one.

Rebecca: They were both beautiful. What do you mean by exotic?

Brian: You know what I mean. She looked like she was mixed with something and had her hair pulled back in the long straight ponytail. She was fine!

Rebecca: And what about the other one? She was beautiful. With the short Afro and chocolate skin. She was fly.

Brian: She was. But if you ask ten black guys which of the two girls they liked, I bet you at least eight of them are gonna say the exotic one is the best. That's just how it is.

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