Sunday, March 9, 2014

The weekend

Tonight I went to the Still Waters Writer's workshop and was blessed to hear Umar Ben Hassan feature. He told us stories and presented us with some of his poetry. It was a great honor to be gifted with that time he shared with us. I took some notes and wrote down some great quotes that I'll share later. It's about 11:05 and I'm ready to turn in.

It's been a good weekend. I spent all of it with my son. That's always lights my life. On Saturday we spent about the day at the celebration of the life and legacy of Amiri Baraka. At one point I asked Uraeus if he was ready to go and he was like "Well, kinda but I wanna hear (one of Amiri's poems)" He said he enjoyed it and it was great being able to talk to him intellectually about the black arts movement. I love my son.

Then I spent all day today with both of the boys, Reuben (nephew) and Uraeus. We started off at Denny's with a celebratory breakfast for Reuben who plays for the Long Beach Poly's basketball team who is now the CIF champion team! So proud of him. He's one of the two sophomores on the team. So he'll get his ring this year! Yep.

I already told you I saw Brother Umar and now I'm going to try to get in another chapter of the book I'm currently reading, MILK IN MY COFFEE by Eric Jerome Dickey while listening to some series I've seen a million times on Netflix. I like noise in the background. I just do. Nothing I have to focus on too hard. Just something easy.

Oh, I had my last (at least for now) session with my therapist Saturday morning. I needed her when I first started seeing her. I really did. Now, I'm not in the same space, we both acknowledged that. Her presence in my life was greatly meaningful. I know that if life shows up I can call her again. But for now, I'm ok. I'm ok, you're ok. Get it?

Enough of my rambling, talk to you tomorrow.

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