Thursday, April 10, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - day 10 - Because well...I can

I was the seventh prettiest girl in my third grade class and was the first fastest runner / I stayed keeping score / what you gon tell me about where I belong / how real you gon keep it with me / what you know about me I ain't already told myself / you think I ain't already dug up my own shit / you think I got skeletons hidden somewhere for you to find / you think I got gold somewhere for you to spend / honey, hush / I'm too old to hide from anybody / cain't nobody whip me no more but water / don't you know I had a gun in my face already / don't you know I been fingerfucked already by a dude who dared me to love it / don't you / don't you know / don't you know my life is what I got left / don't you know how purple I splash these days / you seen me / you seen how I roll my eyes at these jealous bitches all up my business / I know you have / you seen me / you seen me sittin' on my front porch gettin' ready to be old / you seen me with my skirt up peelin' lemons talkin' shit with my coochie showin' / cussin' the police as they roll by / you seen me / I know you have / you seen me / livin' my life like it's my own

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